White Papers

(PDF files are available below for download)

Impact of AI on Higher Education

> This is a pretty easy to read simple presentation I gave at a 2018 academic conference, based on the themes in Surfing the Tsunami. It might be helpful as a class presentation or just to get acquainted with the topic.

Top 100 AI Companies 2018

> An interesting view of AI Startups and larger companies. Probably somewhat USA-centric.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

> DataRobot is a company that is pursuing AutoML (not Google's AutoML, but their own variety) - in the hopes of making it easier to learn about and leverage AI at companies. DataRobot has a lot of good material and could help especially with people who don't necessarily have a computer science background.

MGI Notes from the AI frontier: Modeling the impact of AI on the world economy - Sept 2018

Artificial intelligence has large potential to contribute to global economic activity. But widening gaps among countries, companies, and workers will need to be managed to maximize the benefits. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) tools and techniques in business and the global economy is a hot topic. This is not surprising given that AI might usher in radical—arguably unprecedented—changes in the way people live and work. The AI revolution is not in its infancy, but most of its economic impact is yet to come.

Next Generation Digital Workforce

A 2018 report by Everest Group, targeting the enterprise, for WorkFusion, making the case for Robotic Process Automation. 

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services 2018

> analysis by Accenture on enterprise AI

AWS (Amazon) Cloud Certification 2018

> I'm strongly in favor of certifications, I believe there should be multiple AI certifications (Please use the contact form if you're interested, if you know of one, or know anyone who'd like to help develop one)

> Amazon has a lot of educational material - at the present they have a "cloud" certification, which might be worth looking into. They also have AI training material, and a tool called Sagemaker. Amazon's products/training are one way to learn AI, like Google's similar tools/training material.

Market Guide for AI-Related Consulting and SI Services

for Intelligent Automation

> enterprise level guide to give a sense of the kind of AI companies and consulting out there.

Data Integration and Machine Learning: A Natural Synergy

> This is a nuts and bolts guide that gets deep into the weeds on how data integration is important for implementation of AI at companies.

ABSTRACT: There is now more data to analyze than ever before. As data volume and variety have increased, so have the ties between machine learning and data integration become stronger. For machine learning to be effective, one must utilize data from the greatest possible variety of sources; and this is why data integration plays a key role. At the same time machine learning is driving automation in data integration, resulting in overall reduction of integration costs and improved accuracy. This tutorial focuses on three aspects of the synergistic relationship between data integration and machine learning: (1) we survey how state-of-the-art data integration solutions rely on machine learning-based approaches for accurate results and effective human-in-the-loop pipelines, (2) we review how end-to-end machine learning applications rely on data integration to identify accurate, clean, and relevant data for their analytics exercises, and (3) we discuss open research challenges and opportunities that span across data integration and machine learning.